42 States Add Construction Jobs in June

- 42 States Add Construction Jobs in June

Seasonally adjusted construction employment increased from June 2018 to June 2019 in 42 states, declined in eight states and remained unchanged in the District of Columbia, an AGC analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data released on Friday showed. California added the most construction jobs (40,300 jobs, 4.7%), followed by Texas (39,500, 5.4%), Florida (25,800, 4.8%), Arizona (18,200, 12%) and Georgia (12,700, 6.5%). West Virginia again added the highest percentage of construction jobs (20%, 8,100 jobs), followed by Wyoming (14%, 2,800), Arizona and Alaska (10%, 1,600). Construction employment reached new highs (in records dating back to 1990) in Colorado, Oregon and Texas. Louisiana again lost the largest number and percentage of construction jobs for the year (-12,300, -8.1%). Other states with large job losses include Massachusetts (3,400, -2.1%), Maryland, (-2,200, -1.4%), Connecticut (-1,000, -1.7%) and Montana (-800, -2.8%).

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