CVSA releases 2015 International Roadcheck results

- On June 2-4, commercial motor vehicle inspectors across North America completed 69,472 truck and bus inspections during International Roadcheck 2015, the annual 72-hour enforcement and safety outreach event carried out by members of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). Of those inspections, 44,989 were North American Standard Level I Inspections, the most thorough roadside inspection. Of Level I Inspections, inspectors found 1,623 or 3.6 percent of drivers and 9,732 or 21.6 percent of vehicles with out-of-service (OOS) violations, historically the lowest rates for which CVSA has data, back to 1991. Of all inspections, 777 seatbelt violations were issued.

Level I Inspections include a 37-step procedure that involves an examination of both the driver’s record of duty status and the safety of the vehicle. Drivers are required to provide items such as their license, endorsements, medical card and hours-of-service documentation, and are checked for seat belt usage and the use of alcohol and/or drugs. The vehicle inspection includes checking items such as the braking system, cargo securement, coupling devices, exhaust system, frame, fuel system, lights, safe loading, steering mechanism, suspension, tires, van and open-top trailer bodies, wheels and rims, windshield wipers, and emergency exits, electrical cables and systems in engine and battery compartments, and loose or temporary seating on buses. Other inspections conducted included Level II walk-around, Level III driver-only, and Level V vehicle-only inspections.

Each year, International Roadcheck places special emphasis on a category of violations. The special emphasis for International Roadcheck 2015 was cargo securement. For many types of loads, particularly those that are not sealed or otherwise inaccessible to the driver, regulations require the driver to stop within the first several miles of a trip and recheck the tie downs and other load-securing equipment.

During International Roadcheck 2015 inspectors issued 2,439 violations for load securement. The leading load securement violations, by number of violations issued, were: (1) failure to prevent shifting/loss of load; (2) failure to secure truck equipment (tarps, dunnage, doors, tailgates, spare tires); (3) damaged tie downs (typically unacceptable wear on chain or cuts and tears on web straps); (4) insufficient tie downs; and (5) loose tie downs.

Since its inception in 1988, International Roadcheck inspections have numbered more than 1.4 million, resulting in an estimated 334 lives saved and 6,134 injuries avoided. International Roadcheck is sponsored by CVSA, with participation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation in Mexico.

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