Canadian ELD Mandate Adds Layer of Scrutiny to Devices in FMCSA Registry

- The recently published Canadian ELD rule could test the credibility of some devices listed in the online ELD registry of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The FMCSA registry currently has 430 devices listed. Each is “self-certified” by the developer to be in compliance with the specifications of the ELD rule.

Some ELD providers have registered multiple devices to meet the different needs in segments of the trucking industry, from fleets to owner-operators. At present, the market share of ELD providers in the United States is primarily concentrated among 14 companies.

To date, the FMCSA has not decertified any ELD device. That may change by the time the Canadian rules take effect in June 2021, which require all ELD devices be certified by a third party. An ELD provider that chooses not to be certified in Canada, or fails a certification, may face questions of whether or not their products actually comply with the U.S. mandate since the Canadian rule has very similar technical requirements.

Before listing their devices in the FMCSA registry, some of the larger technology companies hired third-party firms to test their products to ensure they comply with the rule to not put their companies or their customers at risk. Not all of the ELD providers in the U.S. will likely go through the process of certifying their devices in Canada, however, and offer solutions for both jurisdictions.

Transport Canada, the equivalent of the FMCSA, has requested information from companies interested in certifying ELD devices. The agency is currently gathering feedback to understand what its certification process will look like.

The deadline for ELD compliance in Canada is June 2021.

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