DOT Awards $225 Million in Grants to 20 Bridge Projects

- The U.S. Department of Transportation announced the first recipients of the Competitive Highway Bridge Program last week. The program, created through the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018, sets aside $225 million to fund bridge improvement and replacement projects in rural areas. Some 20 projects represented by 18 state departments of transportation have received funding.

The funds must be used for highway bridge projects on public roads and “bundle” at least two projects into a single contract. Bundling allows participants to address several projects that require similar needs and can save time and money.

The largest individual grant, for $33.4 million, was awarded to the Iowa Department of Transportation to improve up to 77 bridges in poor or fair condition. Maine received two grants, one for $18.9 million and one for $6.1 million. Another sizable grant provides $20.8 million to Missouri DOT’s Fixing Access to Rural Missouri (FARM) Bridge Program. This funding will help improve 41 bridges using building methods such as accelerated bridge construction. Colorado DOT received $12.5 million to repair 14 bridges and ensure that important routes will not require load restrictions in the future.

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