DOT Drops Speed Limiter and Sleep Apnea Rules from Agenda

- In the latest update to its regulatory calendar, the Department of Transportation (DOT) deprioritized a proposed rule regarding a speed-limiter mandate and entirely stopped pursuing a sleep apnea screening requirement.

The mandate on the use of speed limiters was proposed last September, but has not garnered any popular support within the industry. The DOT moved the rule to a long-term agenda item, possibly delaying its implementation in perpetuity.

The second rule cut from the agenda would have required drivers to be tested for obstructive sleep apnea during the medical certification process. The DOT announced that the rule would be officially withdrawn in the coming weeks and stated, “FMCSA has determined that there is not enough information available to support moving forward with a rulemaking action.”

Both removals are in-line with the Trump administration’s continued deregulatory agenda.

Full coverage on the issue is available here from Commercial Carrier Journal.

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