Everyday Challenges for International SC&RA Members

- SC&RA members around the world work through any number of challenges on a daily basis but they don’t always get to talk about them. Even though plenty of operational complexities are a given, some day-to-day trials are unique to particular companies or sectors and, therefore, are worth examining.
Several industry people were asked what business challenges they are facing right now. Read the full article to see how SC&RA is responding to their challenges.

Nick Ruscito-Caissy, vice president and CEO at DDS North America, said, “We’re the largest provider of escort vehicles and pilot cars in North America. The challenges we’re seeing and have been seeing more of recently is the insurance aspect of our business – understanding what is required, and what industry requires of us – to actually find an insurance company that is willing to step up to the plate and insure our industry.”

Peter Schaefer, director, HSE and compliance, NCSG, Alberta, Canada, comments, “One of the biggest challenges as a director of compliance with operations across North America is having people understand that we’re building a program that has to meet the needs of multiple regional requirements. So, you want to build a high standard in any one region, but it doesn’t always make sense to a person that only knows their legislation or their requirements for a certain area.”

Art Weaver, permit and escort coordinator, High Transit, said, “Another big problem in our industry is infrastructure. We need the Fed to pass this bill so we can get some more work. We also need to repair these bridges and structures that are in such bad shape, which affects the permitting world too. Engineers and architects are designing these bridges that are bigger, heavier, longer, and yet the infrastructure is getting to a condition where we can’t get permits for them because it’s deteriorating – and that’s a problem across the country.”

Kevin Kwateng, director of operations at Transport Bellemare International, commented, “I think the glaring issue we’re dealing with right now is the permit department and the DOT. A lot of other SC&RA members are also dealing with this. Permits for over-dimensional, heavy loads that used to be accepted within 24 hours simply aren’t being accepted anymore – so it’s becoming extremely difficult for us, as well as our customers, to even understand what it is we’re supposed to do.”

Todd Haraty, COO at Silk Road Transport, said, “Having fifty states with fifty different sets of rules stretches the capacity of most of us. That said, SC&RA’s UPT2021 initiative is beneficial to everyone – especially those that are hauling less than superloads.”

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