FMCSA: Drivers Should Register for Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

- The federal CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, which will be a database of truck drivers who have failed or refused a drug or alcohol test, takes effect in January 2020, the date when carriers will be required to begin uploading notices of failed driver drug tests and querying the data base when making driver hires.

Drivers will need to be registered as users within the Clearinghouse to apply for driving jobs and to ensure their records are accurate. Drivers can begin registering in October. The Clearinghouse will record all drug test failures conducted for pre-employment screenings, random drug tests and post-crash tests. Carriers will be required to submit failed tests to the Clearinghouse, and they’ll be required to query the database before hiring drivers to ensure they haven’t failed a drug test in the previous three years. Carriers will also have to pay a small fee for accessing the database.

The onus will be on drivers to register within the Clearinghouse so that they can consent to allowing carriers to query the database for their records. Registration is slated to begin in October and is required for any driver looking to a new driving job in January 2020 and later.

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