How to Work Across Boundaries and Cultures

- When Mathias Rehe, CEO at Daco Heavy Lift, thinks about challenges unique to his Guatemala City-based company he can quickly rattle off some information that might have his SC&RA member colleagues doing a double take. “It’s nice where we are, very beautiful, but one of the realities here is that the drug mafias take a look at companies in the region and build copycat companies to try and secure U.S. money for work,” he indicated. Rehe shined a light on this unique challenge for Daco in his panel discussion at the Symposium, but also pointed to some industry practices that have changed in time and represent new challenges of their own. “Today, companies have a purchasing department, and they generally collect as many prices as they can and put everything into a spread sheet and often choose based simply on price,” he said, referring to how customers used the RFQ (request for quotation) process more frequently in years past. “That’s different from how it used to be and is definitely one of the challenges we face today.”

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