State Gets $80 Million Highway Windfall from Feds

- Louisiana is getting $80 million in federal highway funds from other states that failed to use the dollars, including about $16 million to help build an interchange at Pecue Lane in Baton Rouge. However, the state would have provided nearly double that amount, about $30 million, for the Pecue project if the work was further along, according to officials familiar with the issue.

That development is significant because 2018 may be the last year the state gets unused federal highway money from other states because of a lack of matching funds here. Transportation officials face a $14 billion backlog of road and bridge needs, and a state gasoline tax that has not changed in nearly three decades. Local officials said financial constraints have dictated progress from their end on the Pecue Lane upgrade.

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State Gets $80 Million Highway Windfall from Feds
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