Trucking Employment Stagnates in 2019

- Data from the Labor Department shows that the for-hire trucking industry has added only 400 jobs since January — a noticeable slowdown after nearly 50,000 jobs were added in the 13-month period preceding.

According to the Labor Department’s most recent Employment Situation Report, the trucking industry added 300 jobs in May, though the DOL upwardly revised April’s employment numbers to show a 100-job gain in trucking jobs, rather than the previously reported 500-job loss. The U.S. economy as a whole added 75,000 jobs in May — an underwhelming showing, according to analysts.

However, trucking employment is still at record levels. Employment in the for-hire trucking segment totaled 1.5164 million in May — a gain of 31,600 jobs from the same month last year.

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