Omega Morgan, Fagioli and Barnhart Take Home SC&RA Hauling Job of the Year Awards

- The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association announced the winners of its 2019 Hauling Job of the Year Awards on April 27, at the 2019 SC&RA Annual Conference in Carlsbad, Calif. Three SC&RA members – all demonstrating exceptional organization, skill and commitment to safety – were recognized for meeting some of the industry’s most complicated challenges and responding with superior professionalism. One company, Fagioli, won awards in two categories.

The winners in each category are:

Under 160,000 pounds: Omega Morgan transports three ozone contact tanks across Oregon

When Omega Morgan was hired to transport three ozone contact tanks 39 miles across Oregon, a number of routing and safety challenges faced the convoy, which consisted of more than 20 vehicles. Omega found a route that could accommodate two simultaneous loads and engineered a safe and effective crane load of the tanks onto the deck trailers. When the local power company wanted to avoid subcontracting the work of lifting and removing all of the associated electrical wires during the transport, Omega sourced, directed and coordinated the efforts of a number of different utility companies for the duration of the haul. In all, Omega logged over a thousand man-hours and navigated a large and intricate haul across mostly two-lane roads, finessing their way to an on-time, on-budget, zero-incident job.

160,000 – 500,000 pounds: Fagioli hauls two 170-ton rotors as part of a 61-meter-long convoy into the mountains of Italy

In spring 2018, Fagioli was contracted to move two 170-ton rotors via roadway to a power plant located in the mountains of Premadio – 1,250 meters above sea level. Two low-capacity bridges on the route to Premadio (which traversed three different Italian regions) had to be mitigated via the installation of over-bridge structures, and narrow roads through small towns with roundabouts proved challenging for the convoy. Other over-bridge structures and bridge reinforcements had to be engineered on the spot during the haul as well. After nine nights in transit, the final leg of the haul proved the most difficult, when a steep slope resulted in a third convoy modification before the rotors were finally able to be installed in their new location.

Over 500,000 pounds: Barnhart Crane & Rigging transports three vessels across three states for a successful 600-mile haul

Last fall, Barnhart was contracted to move three 644,00-pound vessels from Pocatello, Idaho, to Fort Lupton, Colo. The move would ultimately cross three states (and their respective laws and regulations) and require 7,667 man-hours. In addition to the difficulties posed by each state’s various requirements, winter conditions, curfew hours for oversized loads and bridge crossing restrictions made for a challenging haul. The project began in October and was completed in December of 2018.

Moving: Fagioli transports and loads 42 jacket modules with a custom Jacket System Transport Structure

Fagioli’s jacket transport job last spring involved five different types of jacket structures, each with its own dimensions, that had to be quickly and safely loaded out (despite wind and other weather concerns) onto the 11 nearby barges planned for sea transport of the jackets. Fagioli came up with the idea to construct a custom frame structure to handle the complex load-outs and varying dimensions and weights of the jackets. All the beams and equipment in the custom structure underwent FEM software checks to evaluate bending moments and structural capacity. The main challenge was to create a frame structure that could lift the jackets during the load-out, but Fagioli was able to engineer a solution that involved retractable-edge main beams with movable stoppers.
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Other Hauling Job of the Year entries included:

Trucking Under 160,000 Pounds

— Emmert International engineered and expedited the move of a 150,000-pound storage vessel from Houston, Texas, to Hutchinson, Ky.

Trucking 160,000 to 500,000 Pounds

— Barnhart transported a 288,800-pound heat exchanger with a Dual-Lane Goldhofer. The haul was 1,600 miles long, crossing six states and totaling over 2,000 man-hours.
— Berard Transportation, Inc., moved two vessels from the Port of New Orleans to a refinery just outside the city. Both vessels were received onto a deck barge, which traversed shallow fishing channels, to a roll-off site where they were then transported 60 miles to the refinery.
— Emmert International transported press components weighing an average of 300,000 pounds through 12 cities, four counties and central Detroit. The firm built custom brackets to lower loads below railroad trestles and ultimately completed a 600-mile haul with zero incidents.

Trucking Over 500,000 Pounds

— Tradelossa transported a 606,270-pound generator 571 miles from the Port of Altamira, Tamaulipas, to a power plant in Zapotlanejo, Jalisco. The route included roadblocks, tollbooths, power lines, bridges, mountain slopes and eroded or damaged pathways.
— Deep South Crane and Rigging moved two coke drums weighing 490,725 pounds each. The drums were loaded onto a ship in Aviles, Spain, crossed the ocean, moved onto a deck barge in the Port of New Orleans, rolled off the barge via custom engineered earthen ramps and finally lifted into the staging area at a refinery.
— Emmert International loaded and moved a 400-foot by 100-foot transit shed last summer. The route went through an active port that could not be shut down during the operation.

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