The Ladies Group is comprised of women involved in the industry or spouses of individuals in the industry. All spouses and significant others are encouraged to join the Ladies Group. The membership fee is $50 annually.  The membership fee as well as travel expenses to meetings once a spouse/significant other has joined may be tax deductible.

Purpose and Activities of the Ladies Group:

The Ladies Group was established to provide a social outlet and a welcoming atmosphere for spouses at the SC&RA events. Over 20 years ago, the fundraising dinner sponsored by the Ladies Group began contributing its funds to the SC&R Foundation. To date the group has raised over $200,000 for the SC&R Foundation. In 2016 the Gala raised nearly $40,000.  For more information about the SC&R Foundation and its mission, click here.

Other activities at the Annual Conference include a social activity and brunch. For more information contact (703) 698-0291. To join the Ladies Group, click here.

To view photos from the Annual Conference and Gala, click here.

SC&RA Staff Liaison: Jackie Roskos
The following are members of the Ladies Group. If you don't see your name and you'd like to join the group or renew your membership, click here.

Barbara Anderson Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.
Ingrid Anderson Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.
Myndee Anderson Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.
Tina Anderson Vela Insurance Services, LLC
Janet Ball Hays Companies
Robin Barnhart Barnhart (Corporate Office)
Nayada Battaini Sheedy Drayage Co.
Jane Bennington Duncan Machinery Movers, Inc.
Marilynn Bragg Bragg Companies
Stephanie Bragg Bragg Companies
Gay Bumby E.C.C.-Lift Systems
Gabriela Cantu Kaire Tradelossa
Denise Claton Midwest Specialized Transportation, Inc.
Shelly Collins Link-Belt Construction Equip. Co.
Tiea Cowley BOSS Crane & Rigging
Nichole Cravens Ridewell Suspensions
Linda Curran JJ Curran Crane Company
Tammy DeLong Paul DeLong Heavy Haul
Wendy Devries (Frank) Challenger Motor Freight Inc.
Becki Dick Versa-Lift (Custom Mobile Equipment)
Debbi Evans Aspen Custom Trailers
Roseanne Faccio Lift Systems, Inc.
May Fiske Southwestern Industrial Contractors & Riggings, Inc.
Beth Flick Unified Logistics Operating Group
Linda Folladori Bennett International Group
Bonnie Forster Rigging Gear Sales, Inc.
Debbie Freckmann Dawes Rigging & Crane Rental, Inc.
Kimberly Garcia Southwestern Industrial Contractors & Riggers, Inc.
Barbara Garrod Garrod Hydraulics, Inc.
Ella Gillespie Lift Systems, Inc.
Patti Grantin-Gros Lampson International, LLC.
Tanis Hammond Specialty Crane & Rigging
Mollie Heron Duncan Machinery Movers, Inc.
Jennifer Hollerbush Garrod Hydraulics, Inc.
Carolyn W. Johnson Southern Industrial Constructors, Inc.
Lori Kalhagen Ideal Crane Rental, Inc.
Deanne Kelly All Crane Rental of Pennsylvania (B)
Kimberly Kitchen Kitchen's Crane & Equipment
Anne Koenig Kingsway Transportation LLC
Kate Landry Deep South Crane And Rigging, LLC
Judy LeFebvre LeFebvre & Sons, Inc.
Brenda Lowry Bennett International Group
Patricia McTyre Unified Logistics Operating Group
Lora Miller Buchanan Hauling Rigging Inc.
Karen Millsap Ridewell Suspensions
Jeanie Montgomery IRH
Cathy Moore NBIS (NationsBuilders Insurance Services, Inc.)
Margaret Pernici Deep South Crane And Rigging, LLC
Maribeth Price Rigging Gear Sales, Inc.
Lee Ellen Russell Sheedy Drayage Co.
Toni Sabia Transport Systems And Products, Inc.
Lisa Settlemier Bigge Crane and Rigging Co.
Karen Smith NBIS (NationsBuilders Insurance Services, Inc.)
Josefina Soto Tradelossa
Cynthia Speegle Hampton Roads Crane & Rigging Co.
Margie Springer Southern Industrial Constructors, Inc. / Southern Crane
Jill Stang Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.
Katie Sterett Sterett Crane & Rigging
Susan Stramer Link-Belt Construction Equip. Co.
Constance Swan Exact Crane & Equipment Corp.
Marcia Taylor Bennett International Group
Tricia Tepe NBIS (NationsBuilders Insurance Services, Inc.)
Rita Tierney Imperial Crane Services, Inc.
Amy Unger Miller Transfer
Marge Vitez KMX International
Virginia White White Brothers Trucking Company
Doreen Williams WHECO Corporation
Sherri Wittwer Hays Companies
Karen Wood WHECO Corporation
Karin Young George Young Company

Join the Ladies Group for only $50 annually. Being part of the group ensures you'll receive updates about SC&RA events, the Ladies Group activities and Foundation news. You will receive two newsletters a year and a directory of members so you may keep in contact with everyone you meet at the conferences.

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