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It’s no secret: SC&RA is only as strong as its membership. To that end, members who participate and work with staff are the catalyst for change – which is why we need you to get involved.

With member input, SC&RA articulates the impact of rulings and policies such as barriers or obstacles to safe business practices. Together with members, SC&RA is the driving force behind industry advancements in regulatory changes, fair standards, equitable policies and directives that positively impact the industry.

Needless to say, when you get involved, everybody wins. Whether it’s through education and related experiences found at annual meetings, products and services developed by the Association, networking-derived opportunities or even leadership roles within the organization itself, an established member has little trouble leveraging his or her relationship with SC&RA and cultivating the opportunities that emerge.

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To get more involved in Crane & Rigging issues, contact Beth O'Quinn. For more involvement in Transportation issues, contact Chris Smith.

How SC&RA Works

SC&RA offers an array of committees and task forces members can get involved with. When you join one of these groups, you gain an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the industry and sharpen your leadership skills – while at the same time shaping the direction of SC&RA’s programs and policies.

SC&RA is governed by a Board of Directors and four groups that report to the Board. Each group has a Governing and Nominating Committee as well as other sub-committees as needed. All Board and Committee members are individual volunteers from SC&RA member companies, possessing invaluable industry knowledge on how regulatory decisions and current industry issues will impact member companies.

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