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Association Structure

There are five primary groups that make up SC&RA, and each of the groups has committees and/or task forces that fall under them. SC&RA is governed by a Board of Directors, and four groups that report to the Board. The groups are Allied Industries, Crane & Rigging, Transportation and Ladies. Each Group has a governing and nominating committee as well as other sub-committees as needed. Committees are comprised of elected members from their respective industry sector. Governing committees are charged with identifying issues and recommending actions to benefit members of SC&RA as well as govern the actions of the committees within their respective groups.

Board of Directors

Why Join a Committee?

Because committees are how things get done around here.

To get the most out of your SC&RA membership, consider volunteering to serve on one of our various committees. By getting involved on the ground level, you take advantage of both an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the industry and sharpen your overall leadership skills. You also get a chance to help shape the look and feel of SC&RA’s programs and policies.

How to Join a Committee

SC&RA offers dozens of committees and task forces upon which you can serve. Be sure to share your desire to volunteer with staff. The first step to joining is to attend a committee meeting you’re interested in. Once there, introduce yourself to members, and be sure to familiarize yourself with the issues they're addressing. Don’t forget to let a member of SC&RA’s staff know too. We can help point you in the right direction and answer any questions you might have.

Allied Industries Group

The mission of the Allied Industries Group is to identify issues and recommend actions to benefit members with an interest in allied related subjects. For more information, contact Jason Bell at jbell@scranet.org.


Allied Industries Group Governing Committee

Allied Industries Group Nominating Committee

Transportation Group

The mission of the Transportation Group is to identify issues and recommend actions to benefit members with an interest in transportation-related subjects. For more information, contact Chris Smith at csmith@scranet.org.


Transportation Group Governing Committee

Transportation Group Nominating Committee

Transportation Group Safety Education and Training Committee

Transportation Group Transport Training Task Force (SCRATT)

Transportation Group Pilot Car Committee

Permit Policy Committee

Ladies Group

The Ladies Group is comprised of women involved in the industry or spouses of individuals in the industry. The Ladies Group was established to provide a social outlet and a welcoming atmosphere for spouses at SC&RA events. Over 20 years ago, the fundraising dinner sponsored by the Ladies Group at the Annual Conference began contributing its funds to the SC&R Foundation. To date, the group has raised over $200,000 for the Foundation. For more information on both the Ladies Group and the SC&R Foundation, contact Jackie Roskos at jroskos@scranet.org.

To join the Ladies Group click here.


Ladies Group Governing Committee

Ladies Group Nominating Committee

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