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Looking for a member company here at SC&RA?  We have two different tools for you to use.

If you are looking for a company in a specific category, just use the Name Search tab. Here you can specify the industry codes and do a broad search, or you can refine it by adding the company name if you know a specific company that you are looking for.

If you want to search for companies based on a geographical location, use the Radius Search tab. This way you can specify a geographical area (by Zip Code or City Name), scroll and make a more specific selection, then choose your industry and the distance you want your search to include.

Please note that the Name Search provides faster results, but the Radius Search is very helpful for exploring our Members regionally (Radius Search is US and Canada Only at this time).

Search by Name or Industry

Use this search tool to look for our Members by company name or by the Industry that they are in.

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Search Codes

Service Codes

  • C - Crane and Rigging
  • CP - Concrete Pumper
  • I - International
  • M - Millwright
  • O - Oil Field
  • S- Steel
  • T - Transportation

Allied Codes

  • A - Auction Services
  • B - Brokers/Freight Forwarders
  • C - Consultants-Associations
  • D - Consultants-Engineers (Lic)
  • E - Consultants-Engineering (Other)
  • F - Consultants-Marine
  • G - Consultants-Publications
  • H - Consultants-Safety
  • I - Consultants-Software
  • J - Crane Manufacturers
  • K - Escort Services
  • L - Consultants-Financial/Tax Services
  • M - Insurance Services
  • N - Leasing, Rental, Sales
  • O - Legal Services
  • P - Lifting Components/Services
  • Q - Permit Services
  • R - Truck Stop/Weigh Services
  • S - Truck/Trailer Mfgs
  • T - Truck/Trailer Components/Services
  • U - Manufacturer-Other
  • V - Consultants-Other
  • W - Rigging Product Supplier
  • X - Consultants-Equipment Financing

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