SC&RA members lead the world in the rigging, lifting and moving of large, heavy, and oversized loads – a highly specialized industry requiring extensive planning, preparation and, most importantly, safe practices and policies to avoid injury and illness. In 2003, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced that it was establishing a Crane and Derrick Negotiated Rulemaking Committee (C-DAC) to develop new, proposed construction safety standards for cranes and derricks.


SC&RA and its members immediately advocated for representation on the committee, which ultimately resulted in the successful addition of 8 SC&RA members to the 23-member committee. Additionally, SC&RA receives support from its Crane & Rigging Group Governing Committee, Crane & Rigging Group Safety & Education Committee and Crane & Rigging Group Labor Committee. As a result, the Association continues to collaborate directly with OSHA, its working groups and staff to review and advise on issues that affect member businesses. To that end, SC&RA is actively involved in multiple OSHA-related advocacy issues, like Crane Operator Certification requirements. Generated in response to the November 9th, 2018 publication of OSHA’s final rule on operator training, certification and evaluation requirements, SC&RA created forms to assist industry stakeholders in meeting the stipulations set forth in Section 1926.1427(f) – Evaluation. Notably, the section states that employers must, through an evaluation process, ensure operators are qualified to operate the machine to which they are assigned. These forms (mobile crane and tower crane employer evaluation) are available below in Resources.

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