Jobs of the Year


What is the Jobs of the Year Competition?

The competition honors and gives special recognition to members that perform outstanding achievements during hauling and rigging jobs.

There are two categories in the competition: Rigging and Hauling.


This category has two subcategories based on moving equipment utilized:

Moving: The use of specialized equipment such as self-propelled transporters, dollies, and crawler assemblies. 

Trucking: Movements using highway-licensed tractors and trailers, predominantly via public highways (modifications to hauling units are permitted). Entries are judged based upon the net weight of the job, and do not include tractor/trailer combinations: 

  • Loads less than 160,000 lbs.
  • Loads 160,000 – 500,000 lbs.
  • Loads greater than 500,000 lbs.



This category has four monetary classifications based on total contract amount (in U.S. dollars): 

  • Under $150,000
  • $150,000 - $750,000
  • $750,000 - $2 Million
  • Over $2 Million


The Application Process

Applications open January 1 for jobs completed in the previous calendar. All applications and corresponding supporting information must be submitted by February 28. Both Hauling & Rigging Jobs of the Year Competitions have their own rules & regulations which can be found in the 'Helpful Resources' section below.

Submitting Your Presentation for the Annual Conference

All applications will be confirmed by staff. Presentations are due one month prior to the Annual Conference. Staff will communicate the methods of submission directly with you. 

Examples of previous Job of the Year presentations can be found on SlideShare, YouTube or Vimeo by searching for “SC&RA’s Job of the Year”.

Be sure to check out the Job of the Year FAQs for additional information regarding competition date, format, recognition, and much more!

Recognition for Winners & Participants

By just participating, entrants have their job featured in American Cranes & Transport (ACT) Magazine and International Cranes & Specialized Transport Magazine (ICST). SC&RA distributes press releases listing winners and all entrants, and shares on social media channels. Winners receive a marketing toolkit consisting of a logo and template press release. Professional photos of the awards presentation will be available for use. In addition, the Association produces a video of all entrants and is played at either the Specialized Transportation Symposium or Crane & Rigging Workshop as well as meetings where SC&RA is exhibiting.

Winners are also invited to present their project at the next (project year +2) Specialized Transportation Symposium for Hauling Jobs of the Year, and Crane & Rigging Workshop for Rigging Jobs of the year and are listed as Winners in the SC&RA Membership Directory, online and in print.

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