2020 Advocacy Victory

UPT2021 Updates on Permitting & Automation

Despite the enormous economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many states made significant advancement towards permit automation and harmonization throughout 2020. Addressing the critical shortage of truck parking across the United States, SC&RA secured wins at both the federal and many state levels. FMCSA reissued a 5-year extension of its 30-minute rest break exemption for SC&RA members, and made favorable, if not completely satisfactory improvements, to Hours of Service overall. At the state level, 19 states enabled drivers the ability to either reasonably travel off their permitted routes for food, fuel, or rest, or park overnight at state facilities to find rest elsewhere. Other major wins for harmonization include increases to Maryland and North Carolina super load thresholds, Arkansas extension of single trip permits to 5 days, and the removal of weekend travel prohibitions in Florida, Maryland, Montana, and North Carolina. Finally, the states of Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia each announced the debut of new automated permitting systems in 2021, while Wisconsin debuted its new system in September. Michigan too made a significant step towards auto-issue by allowing it for annual power unity permits only.

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