2019 Advocacy Victory

UPT2021 Wins in 2019

Colorado - Increased its auto issue threshold to 14’ W, 15’ 3” H, 110’ L, 150,000 lbs.

- Implemented new automated permit system auto-issuing permits up to 18 feet wide, 16 feet high, 120 feet long and 250,000 pounds.

- Upgraded permitting system allowing OS/OW carriers to enter specific destinations rather than just city names and immediately download permits without waiting up to 24 hours for a manual review.

- Launched new online system for issuing travel permits for overweight/over-dimensional vehicle drivers. Using verified, real-time data, the program provides intelligent routing based on road closures, vehicle weight and vehicle dimensions. It also features automated issuance for common permit types.

- Introduced automated permit system and outstanding thresholds for auto issue permits. Permits self-issue at the following dimensions: 16’1 wide, 16’ high, 125’ long, weight below extreme weight (depends on axle spacings and weights). Eight axles will be over 177,000 lbs.

- Increased gross weight to be auto analyzed and issued for permitting for loads up to and including 200,000 pounds with an approved route analysis.

New Hampshire
- Adopted AASHTO’s harmonization recommendation by making the minimum threshold for which an escort is required for length in New Hampshire from over 80 feet to over 90 feet.

New Mexico
- Increased weight allowance on trunnions, allowing for an 8-tire/10-foot-wide setup. The DOT reviewed studies on trunnions and determined they have the same effect on infrastructure as a standard triple axle grouping. The state announced the change for the 60K, and to the minimum required spacing to 12 feet, making moves through the state less costly and less time-consuming.

New York
- Launched its permitting system, allowing customers to apply, route and pay for OS/OW permits using an enhanced web-based application. The majority of permit applications can be auto-issued in this new system. Companies can receive an auto-issued permit up to 16’ wide, 13’-11” high and 99’-11” long.

- Launched new automated permit system including a complete technology upgrade, new map-based routing, improved user interface and improved route generation and analysis.

- Committed to its new automated permit system within two years. In the interim, Virginia officials agreed to study and implement new procedures designed to better expedite permits under the current permit system.

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