The World Crane & Transport Alliance (WCTA)

The WCTA is an agreement to maintain an International Alliance for the advancement of the crane and specialized transport industries in recognition that transportation and communication improvements have stimulated the global marketplace. The world’s leading associations serving the crane and specialized transportation industries understand the need to establish a steadfast collaborative relationship. Members of this alliance shall continually strive to advance safety, productivity and profitability of their own members throughout the world.  Towards this end, the following organizations formed this alliance to foster efforts to promote industry safety, harmonization of standards, common understanding, industry best practices, fair trade and any other pertinent endeavors to further the industries they serve. Regardless of new challenges and opportunities that may arise, all partners to this alliance agree to work together for the common good. As our industries expand to better serve a world that seems increasingly small, yet more complex, the alliance shall embrace globalization by facilitating dialogue among its members.

Members:  CICA, CRAC, ESTA, SC&RA, Sindipesa, New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association