Why Join?

Whether you’re interested in adding your voice to a conversation about an industry topic through one of our various committees, or simply looking for networking opportunities to target new business, SC&RA delivers exceptional and ongoing value to organizations by bringing more than 1,400 like-minded companies together that are lifting & moving the world.
Members enjoy access to benefits and services that can be summarized into three categories:

  1. Protected:   SC&RA protects its members and it turn works hard for them. In the pursuit of improved safety, efficiency, productivity and profitability for member companies in the specialized transportation, crane and rigging industry, SC&RA successfully advocates on the industry’s behalf to worldwide governing bodies and policy makers as well as state & local officials.
  3. Being Profitable:  SC&RA offers both FREE training and members-only training through a portal of online learning opportunities for those interested in crane, rigging, specialized transportation and related activities. Users can maximize our online courses, webinars and live recordings of sessions that were originally held in-person, such as conference sessions or workshops.
  5. Being Seen: SC&RA’s four events facilitate networking, education, and participation in discussions that serve as the catalyst for many of the industries advocacy successes.  In addition the annual Membership Directory (online and in print) features more than 1700 listings of member companies, their branches and subsidiaries. This is the #1 resource in the industry and loyal SC&RA members look to the directory first for partners in a particular region or country when bidding on jobs.

While there are plenty of benefits to joining SC&RA and becoming a member, one of the most compelling benefits is your inclusion into this prestigious group of specialty companies who are literally lifting and moving the world.

What Does it Cost?

We understand that when you’re making decisions, it almost always comes down to money, so here’s what we do to address your financial concerns. Membership for the first year is only $595 – whereby you still get access to all member benefits plus a FREE complimentary event registration you can use in your first year.

Thereafter, SC&RA’s annual renewal dues are on a sliding scale, based on your company’s United States based gross revenue from operations in Crane, Rigging, Specialized Transportation and/or Supporting Industries.

The dues schedule to the right takes effect beginning the second year of a company’s membership. Dues are prorated for the second year and the industry gross revenue amount applies to all SC&RA related operations with the member company, unless a specific division joins the association. All gross revenue figures are identified on an honor system, kept in the strictest confidence and maintained only by the Association's staff. Other association members, including the Board of Directors, Executive Committee members and officers are not privileged to see the information.

Dues Schedule

Gross Revenue Range 2021 Dues (USD)
A No U.S. Based Gross Revenue $638
B $1 to $499,999 $674
C $500,000 to $999,999 $760
D $1 Million to $1,999,999 $915
E $2 Million to $2,999,999 $1,158
F $3 Million to $3,999,999 $1,272
G $4 Million to $4,999,999 $1,443
H $5 Million to $6,999,999 $1,637
I $7 Million to $9,999,999 $2,186
J $10 Million to $29,999,999 $2,624
K $30 Million to $49,999,999 $3,060
L $50 Million to $99,999,999 $3,501
M $100 Million to $149,999,999 $3,939
N $150 Million and up $4,431


If you have any questions, contact SC&RA at (703) 698-0291 or membership@scranet.org.

Join SC&RA now and enjoy:

  1. Access to the OS/OW Hours Of Service Packet
  2. The latest news and information regarding local/state/federal advocacy issues in transportation (UPT2021 initiatives, etc.)
  3. The ability to display the SC&RA member logo for marketing purposes
  4. Attendance to each of SC&RA’s four annual meetings at a reduced cost.


Still Not Convinced?

Consider this: Becoming an SC&RA member also gives you access to:

Free Advertising
Nothing is free? This actually is. SC&RA membership allows you to list your organization within the SC&RA member directory both in print and online. Keep in mind that many industry businesses and general contractors choose to exclusively work with SC&RA companies. Not only can SC&RA membership give you access to new work, the SC&RA directory listing gives you increased visibility and gets more eyeballs on your brand.

Education and Training
Membership gives you free or reduced-rate access to the latest in safety best practices, risk-mitigation techniques, team-cultivation exercises, advice on impending regulatory concerns, equipment inspection standards and employee recruiting solutions designed to get you the right people, now. Add four annual in-person events and a vault of free webinars designed around a constantly refreshed curriculum, and the education we offer will have you and your team up to speed and in the know.

Insider Advocacy Insights
Here’s the reality: Every time your company transports or lifts a load with a reduced regulatory burden or with less restrictive state and local rules regarding your equipment, drivers or crane operators, it’s because SC&RA has been working hard behind the scenes, successfully advocating on your behalf.

Product Discounts
Who wants to pay full price? SC&RA membership gives you access to crane guides, state permit manuals and training videos at up to a 55% savings.

Curated News
With so much news breaking every day, we know you don’t have time to pay attention to it all. So we aggregate the top stories from more than 25 industry reports, blogs and journals and deliver it to you in one brief, easy-to-read email.

Access to Elite Affinity Programs
Our affinity programs give you access to reduced property and casualty insurance premiums, discounts on car rentals, savings on office supplies and a whole lot more. Click here for a current list of programs.


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If you have any questions, contact Membership at
(703) 698-0291 or membership@scranet.org.

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