Call for Data: Is Your Company Involved in OS/OW Lifts for the Power Generation Industry?

- With the major push towards electrification of transportation modes in order to meet zero emission goals, the build out of the nation’s electric generation and distribution capacity is a hot topic. SC&RA 
is compiling a list of key power generation components - be it for coal, nuclear, wind, hydro, solar - based upon their weights and dimensions, that would make their transport OS/OW, and require the use of crane and rigging operations for delivery, installation, and maintenance. For example, a “light” wind turbine nacelle can still be 110,000 lbs. and need to be mounted nearly 500’ high. If your company is involved in any related lifts and moves of this nature and would be willing to help compile data, email SC&RA Vice President Transportation, Chris Smith. 

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