Maryland, Illinois & North Dakota Announce OS/OW Updates

Last week, the Maryland State Highway Administration announced it is now 24/7 auto-issuing permits up to 14’ wide. This welcome increase now means Maryland can auto-issue permits up to 14’ wide, 14’6” high, 110’ long, and 150,000 lbs. weights and dimensions recommended by SC&RA’ s highly successful UPT campaign. This makes Maryland a “green state” on the UPT map.

Last month, the Illinois DOT announced it will now recognize the stacking of jeeps and boosters as a non-divisible load eligible for interstate permitting throughout the state. This change harmonizes Illinois with its neighboring states, ensuring safe and efficient travel of these configurations that provide major reduced length benefits to carriers and the motoring public alike.

In addition, the North Dakota Highway Patrol revised its weight restrictions map last week, freeing up additional heavy haul corridors throughout the state, and reducing several ton mile fees in certain areas. The state expects to remove additional restricted corridors soon.

For more information on OS/OW updates, contact SC&RA’s Vice President, Transportation Chris Smith.

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