Member Spotlight: Lift Source Machinery’s Don Udelson

- Don Udelson, CEO and owner of Lift Source Machinery, has deep roots in the construction industry. Over the past 100 years, his family’s business journey has taken diverse paths. A common thread among successful family businesses is a culture that emphasizes stability and long-term visibility over short-term wins. “With an eye on doing the right thing and creating win-win strategies, our family has continuously built multi-generational relationships in the industry,” Udelson said. “For example, in 1952, my grandfather met Mr. P.L. (Pete) Baris, a European businessman. Together, they began an international commercial relationship that continues today, into each family’s third and fourth generations (Baris-Livnat & Udelson-LaPoten). Moreover, the Udelson family has historically employed generations of other families. Several client relationships span generations as well.” And how to continue to attract the next generation to the business? He believes the industry needs to actively demonstrate to the next generation the wide range of opportunities and diverse skill sets required to succeed in our field. “Embracing technological advancements and harnessing the power of social media to showcase the exciting projects that cranes are integral to, can help make the industry more appealing and relevant to younger individuals,” he said. “Additionally, companies should take advantage of programs like the SC&RA Leadership Program, which offers a valuable platform for networking, knowledge sharing and building strong connections within the industry. By offering mentorship, highlighting innovation and providing opportunities for professional growth, we can make the crane industry an attractive and fulfilling choice for the younger generation.” Read the whole article in ACT Magazine here.

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