SC&RA Joins with AEM, Other Associations to Create a Picture of COVID-19 Survey Results

- SC&RA, along with several other organizations, including the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Roads & Bridges, the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) and Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) combined forces to survey their members and submit specific data confidentially to create a robust look at the construction industry during COVID-19. The information was compiled by AEM and the results are in.

Across all industries surveyed, 74% of companies furloughed none of their workforce, while another 13% furloughed less than 10%. Sixty percent of companies laid off none of their workforce, and another 23% laid off less than 10%. These numbers are surprising, as media reported rising unemployment numbers and a stagnant economy.

Questions were asked specific to both furloughed and laid off workforce, as a means to help determine outlook across industries. The primary business segments were heavy construction, government/municipality, non-residential construction, dealers/distributor/rental, and utility. By industry, the heavy construction and utility industries remain somewhat positive with 79% of companies furloughing none of their workforce. Of those who have furloughed employees, more than half are bringing less than 25% back within the next 30 days, while 28% are expecting to bring almost all their furloughed workforce back at some point in time. Within the next 90 days, half of respondents are expecting to return more than 75% of furloughed workers to their jobs.

By industry, 96% of companies in heavy construction and 93% in utility laid off less than 10% of their workforce, which is again a much higher percentage than anticipated. 80% of companies with less than 100 employees did not lay off anyone, compared to 50% of companies with less than 1,000 employees. In general, contractors, large or small, have laid off less than 10% of their workforce.

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