SC&RF Workforce Ambassador Explains How to Host a Small-Scale Lift & Move Event/Field Trip

- Hosting a large 300-500-person careers awareness event like Lift & Move is not realistic for many companies whether it be time, financial constraints or space availability. However, incorporating basic elements of the Lift & Move events into a field trip at your facility is achievable for any company of any size. Join the June 20, 2 pm EDT webinar, How to Host a Small-Scale Lift & Move Event, presented by Kate Landry, Owner, Deep South Crane & Rigging. She will discuss the benefits of the small-scale Lift & Move Field Trip and share tips the company has amassed after hosting several field trips. She will share timelines, schedules, sample scripts, and important reminders for safety when hosting a group of students. This is a one-hour meet-up for SC&RF Workforce Ambassadors that includes a presentation, Q&A, and roundtable discussion. To register click here. For more information, contact Jackie Roskos.

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