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The work that SC&RA member companies do each year is some of the most complicated, awe-inspiring, impressive work on the planet. So, each year, we formally recognize outstanding achievements by both member companies and individuals.

SC&RA's internationally recognized awards program showcases just how much SC&RA members value safety, ingenuity, perseverance and altruism. Each year in April, awards are announced and presented at the Annual Conference, with the exception of the Crane & Rigging Project Safety and Crane Rental Service Awards, which are awarded each month.

All awards will open Jan 1st and close on February 28th, 2023.

Awards comprise four categories:

Crane & Rigging

  • Job of the Year Competition: Honors and gives special recognition to members that perform outstanding achievements in solving problems encountered in rigging.
  • Safety, Safety Improvement and Zero Accident Awards: Awarded to companies achieving a workers' compensation modification rate of 1.0 or less, and an incident rate of 1.4 or less.
  • Crane Operator Safety Award: Awarded to crane operators who exhibit exemplary work safety.
  • Rigger Safety Award: Awarded to riggers who exhibit exemplary work safety.
  • Project Safety Award: Recognizes member companies and their clients for completed projects with zero recordable injuries/illnesses.
  • Crane Rental Service Safety Award: This award is achievable in two categories, each requiring a specific number of work hours performed: "Maintenance Work” – 1,500 hours of ongoing maintenance work in a single project location, and “Single Project” – 1,500 hours of work during the length of one project for the same client. Members receive and present the award to their client, signifying the mutual commitment to safety between the client and the SC&RA member.

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  • Job of the Year Competition: Honors and gives special recognition to members that perform outstanding achievements in OS/OW transportation challenges.
  • Fleet Safety Award: Awarded to companies who consistently improve their safety record.
  • Safety Improvement Award: Awarded to companies who show a reduction in their accident frequency rate for miles traveled when compared to previous year.
  • Zero Accident Award: Awarded to company who have zero recordable incidents or injuries.
  • Driver Safety and Driver of the Year: Awarded to drivers with a long record of safe and courteous driving, demonstrated leadership amongst peers and outstanding contributions to highway safety.
  • Million Miler Award: Given to drivers for accumulating a minimum of one million consecutive miles accident free.

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  • 4 Under 40 Recognition: Presented to four individuals each year for their any each year that have made outstanding contributions to SC&RA, their companies, and the industry under the age of 40 years old.
  • Environmental Award: Presented to one member company each year that has made outstanding contributions to environmental protection.
  • Golden Achievement Award: Presented to a member or non-member who has made an outstanding contribution to the industry and/or the Association.
  • President’s Award: Given to companies whose employees recruit three or more new members during the year.




  • Longevity Awards: Member companies are recognized for their ongoing support and years of continuous membership. Companies who have participated for 25-plus years are publicly recognized at the Annual Conference and receive an award as a symbol of their dedication and long-time membership

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