Analysis Predicts Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Could Create 1 Million New Jobs

- President Donald Trump’s new $1 trillion infrastructure plan could create one million jobs, according to a recent analysis from the Penn Wharton Budget Model. The infrastructure plan, which is still under construction by the Department of Transportation, would fund typical infrastructure projects such as roadways or bridges. But it is also expected to include projects that expand rural broadband and 5G wireless and even upgrade water systems. The federal aid would also help state and local governments make up for recent infrastructure budget cuts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the start of the pandemic, more than 42.6 million Americans have filed for unemployment. Earlier this month, a group of economists declared that the United States entered a recession in February, when initial layoffs began.
Meanwhile, Democrats unveiled a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan last week that calls for a huge increase in funding to repair roads and bridges while expanding broadband access in rural areas. Democrats described the bill as the biggest legislative effort to fight climate change. The legislation is the latest attempt to advance an infrastructure package that has been discussed since the early days of the Trump administration.
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Analysis Predicts Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Could Create 1 Million New Jobs
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